What is Net Worth of Moonbug Entertainment’s YouTube Channel CoComelon? A Comprehensive Guide

CoComelon Net Worth
CoComelon Net Worth | photo courtesy | Destiny Movies


As of 2024, the American YouTube channel CoComelon’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 790 million. 

Their average views, interaction metrics, and the cost per mile (CPM) of their kid-friendly content predict this.

Cocomelon was founded by Jay Jeon who later sold it to the British company, Moonbug Entertainment.

CoComelon Net Worth

What is CoComelon’s net worth?

Revenue Source Estimated Amount
Daily YouTube Earnings $21,900  to $350,800
Weekly Revenue $153,500 to $2.5 million
Monthly Income $657,800 to $10.5 million
Annual YouTube Ad Revenue $7.9 million to  $126.3 million
Estimated Net Worth $790 million


CoComelon’s massive YouTube success has driven its net worth to an incredible $400 million.

By monetizing its content through YouTube ads, CoComelon attracts sponsors seeking to reach its enormous young audience.

The table outlines CoComelon’s substantial earnings across daily, weekly, monthly, and annual periods, showcasing its remarkable financial achievement in children’s entertainment.

CoComelon Net Worth Growth

This is the table that generates Cocomelon’s yearly net worth:

Year Net Worth (Million)
Cocomelon’s Net Worth in 2024 $790 Million
Cocomelon Net Worth in 2023 $725 Million
Cocomelon’s Net Worth in 2022 $660 Million
Cocomelon’s Net Worth in 2021 $600 Million
Cocomelon’s Net Worth in 2020 $540 Million
Cocomelon’s Net Worth in 2019 $480 Million

CoComelon’s Income Source

The company, formerly owned by Jay Jeon, a Korean-American father of two residing in Southern California, derives its income from the following sources:

Merchandising and licensing

Another source of income for Cocomelon has been licensing and commercializing its YouTube channel.

Its merchandise includes toys, clothes, and bedding and is well-liked by parents and children.

Through its audience, Cocomelon has expanded its streams outside of digital content

Streaming services

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are two subscription streaming platforms that provide material from Cocomelon.

Additionally, this has platforms where Cocomelon gets its revenue.

Live Concerts

Moonbug has truly capitalized on CoComelon’s fame.

They’ve organized a live tour, giving young fans the chance to see their favorite characters in person.

Venturing into podcasting, they’ve launched a CoComelon podcast on Spotify, further engaging their audience.

And to cater to the devoted fan base, they’ve created a plethora of merchandise, from bubble machines to throw pillows.

However, the company has not disclosed the earnings from the live show.

YouTube Earnings

Here is an analysis of CoComelon earnings from YouTube 

  • Daily YouTube Earnings: $21,900 – $350,800
  • Weekly YouTube Revenue: $153,500 – $2.5 million
  • Monthly YouTube Income: $657,800–$10.5 million
  • Annual YouTube Ad Revenue: $7.9 million–$126.3 million

CoComelon’s incredibly popular YouTube videos, viewed billions of times by young children and families, generate massive ad revenue.

With sky-high viewership, the channel earns top advertising rates, estimated at $21,900 to over $350,000 per day from YouTube ads alone.

This immense daily income translates to staggering weekly, monthly, and annual earnings, making CoComelon one of YouTube’s highest earners through simple but engagingly animated content.


Frequently Asked Questions about CoComelon’s Net Worth

What is CoComelon’s estimated net worth?

CoComelon’s estimated net worth is around $400 million, making it one of the most valuable children’s entertainment brands.

How does CoComelon generate most of its revenue?

The primary source of revenue for CoComelon is through monetizing its hugely popular videos on YouTube by running ads through the YouTube Partner Program.

How much does CoComelon earn from YouTube ads annually?

Industry estimates suggest CoComelon’s annual YouTube ad revenue ranges from $7.9 million to $126.3 million.

What are CoComelon’s other sources of income?

In addition to YouTube ad revenue, CoComelon generates income from merchandise sales, licensing deals, sponsorships, and live tours and events.

How has CoComelon’s net worth grown over the years?

CoComelon’s net worth has skyrocketed in recent years due to its exploding popularity on YouTube and expansion into new revenue streams like merchandise and licensing deals.

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