How to turn off ambient mode on YouTube

How to turn off ambient color mode on YouTube
How to turn off ambient color mode on YouTube/Android


The recently introduced ambient mode on YouTube aims to enhance the viewing experience by extending on-screen colors to the previously black edges.

Unfortunately, in practical use, it can be somewhat distracting.

This brief guide will demonstrate how to disable YouTube’s ambient colors.

As smartphones have generally increased in size, video aspect ratios have not followed the same trend.

Consequently, black bars persist on the edges of the screen in landscape mode, especially when watching 21:9 YouTube videos.

YouTube has introduced features like a zoom option to address this issue, but it results in cutting off the top and bottom of the video.

Some may argue that black edges, although empty, are preferable to a truncated video.

YouTube’s solution to mitigate the black edge problem involves incorporating colors from the video to reduce the contrast of these dark edges.

However, in practice, we have observed that this approach can be more distracting than the original black bars.

How to turn the ambient mode off on your Android phone

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YouTube‘s recent update to ambient mode includes a convenient option for users to disable it.

This can be easily accessed from the video player and turned off within seconds.

  1. In YouTube’s video player, tap the settings tab
  2. Tap Additional Settings
  3. Toggle the ambient mode off

How to turn the mode off on a computer

How to turn the ambient mode off on a computer
Infographic: How to turn the ambient mode off on a computer


To turn off ambient mode:

  1. On the watch page, click Settings.
  2. Press the ambient color button.
  3. Toggle to turn ambient mode off for all videos.


How to turn the mode off on an iPhone or iPad

Activate or deactivate ambient mode on the iPhone and iPad by following these steps:

  1. On the watch page, select Settings.
  2. Tap Additional Settings.
  3. Choose an ambient color.
  4. Toggle the switch to turn off ambient color for all videos.

After performing these actions, the colored edges in the ambient full-screen view on YouTube will revert to black.

This feature is adjustable, allowing users to switch between the two options and choose their preferences.

While some may quickly adapt to the new color edges, others might find that black edges are not bothersome and gradually fade from sight after prolonged viewing.

In conclusion, you will reserve the steps and return to the first ambient color by using the same steps.

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