5 Best YouTube Cooking Channels You Should Follow

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If you want to get inspired with delicious content and learn some techniques on how to cook, YouTube has everything for you. 

Here are the 5 best YouTube cooking channels you should follow for tips from top chefs showing off their skills to home cooks trying out new and exciting recipes.

1. You Suck at Cooking

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 3.27 million

Website: yousuckatcooking.com

Founded: 2015

Owner: Unknown

This is one of the cooking YouTube channels that you cannot skip. It is full of humor, with simple techniques to create a cooking experience for the audience.

You Suck at Cooking simplifies and enjoys teaching cooking by presenting basic recipes like:

  1. Carrot cake
  2. Beef stew
  3. Roasted Brussels sprouts

This channel is ideal for both seasoned cooks and culinary novices due to the approachable quality of the programming.

2. Joshua Weissman

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 8.94 million

Founded: 2014

Owner: Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman is the person to follow on YouTube if you want to prepare gourmet versions of your favorite fast-food or restaurant dishes at home.

He offers delicious recipes, such as how to make a version of Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich.

His videos are most watched since they allow you to enjoy those mouthwatering flavors without spending a lot of time or money eating out.


3. Honeysuckle

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 1.26 million

Owner: Dzung Lewis

Dzung Lewis, the face behind Honeysuckle, runs a visually pleasing cooking channel that offers a variety of delicious recipes, from pineapple fried rice to Vietnamese ginger chicken.

Beyond that, Lewis experiments with viral internet recipes and crafts homemade versions of well-known fast food favorites, making Honeysuckle your go-to destination for diverse and simple-to-follow culinary inspiration.

4. Babish Culinary Universe

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 9.95 million

Owner: Olias Babish

If you are a food enthusiast, Oliver’s Babish Culinary Universe is a cooking YouTube channel that guides you through a world of both classic and pop culture-inspired dishes.

Babish Culinary Universe, formerly known as Binging with Babish, was established in 2006 by American cook and filmmaker Andrew Rea (alias Babish).

On this channel, you’ll find all sorts of tasty stuff, from traditional pasta dishes to snacks inspired by movies.

It’s perfect for anyone who loves food.

5. Pro Home Cooks

YouTube Channel Subscribers:

Owner: Mike Greenfield

If you enjoy cooking, you should subscribe to Mike Greenfield’s “Pro Home Cooks” YouTube channel.

It has helpful tips and simple-to-follow tutorials on subjects like meal planning and testing out new kitchen appliances.


Finally, there is an abundance of cooking channels on YouTube that appeal to a wide range of skill levels and food preferences.

There is something for everyone, including gourmet recipes by Joshua Weissman, instructional but hilarious channels like You Suck at Cooking, and visually stunning stuff by Honeysuckle.

A variety of traditional and pop culture-inspired recipes may be found at Babish Culinary Universe, while Pro Home Cooks gives useful advice and recipes for home cooks.

These five channels provide an abundance of ideas and methods to improve your cooking abilities and delight your palate, regardless of your level of experience.

Therefore, YouTube is the best resource if you want to discover mouthwatering recipes and pick up new culinary skills.

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