Which is Better: YouTube TV or DirecTV Stream?

Which is Better_ YouTube TV or DirecTV Stream_
Infographic with illustration portraying  YouTube TV vs. DirecTV Stream, which is better?


Deciding between YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream for a live TV streaming service comes down to weighing their respective strengths and limitations.

Their pricing, device compatibility, channel lineups, and features vary, making one better suited for some viewing habits than others.

You Tube TV shines when it comes to its simple but flexible base package. For a reasonable monthly rate, subscribers get broad access to popular channels, from news to sports to entertainment.

Cloud DVR features also impress. However, some niche channels are missing, and add-ons quickly increase costs for more channel breadth.

Meanwhile, DirecTV Stream offers an enormous lineup of channels across its tiered base packages without add-ons.

However, the mandatory bundles result in a higher monthly price for casual viewers. Its unlimited DVR comes with more strings attached, too.

By examining DirecTV Stream and You Tube TV’s pricing structures, channel offerings, DVR specifics, and device availability side-by-side, the better choice becomes clear based on one’s budget and preferences.

Similarities and Differences between Youtube and DirectTV

Similarities and Differences between Youtube and DirectTv
Similarities and Differences between Youtube and DirectTV


YouTube TV offers a straightforward plan at $72.99/month for 100+ channels. Additional options include 4K video for $9.99 per month and premium channel packages.

It includes an unlimited cloud DVR and up to six profiles.

DirecTV Stream has four plans, ranging from $74.99 to $154.99 per month.

The cheapest plan offers 65 channels, while the priciest includes 140 channels. DirecTV Stream also provides unlimited DVR and supports up to 20 profiles. Extra fees may apply.


Both services are compatible with various devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

YouTube TV has an edge with compatibility with Google Nest Hub, PlayStation, and Chromecast built-in TVs.

DirecTV Stream supports some regional sports networks not available on YouTube TV.


YouTube TV’s base plan includes more channels than DirecTV Stream.

It offers better football content with the NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

YouTube TV has exclusive channels like PBS, MLB Network, NBA TV, and Tastemade.

DirecTV Stream offers unique channels such as:

  1. Audience
  2. AXS TV
  3. Baby TV
  4. Cinemax
  5.  HBO


Both services provide unlimited cloud DVR, multiple profiles, and simultaneous streaming.

YouTube TV allows streaming on up to three devices, while DirecTV Stream supports up to five devices simultaneously.

YouTube TV has a user-friendly interface, Key Plays for sports, and DirecTV Stream offers 72-hour Rewind to watch past shows and Download & Go for offline viewing.


YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream are both excellent services, but your choice depends on your preferences and priorities.

YouTube TV suits those who prefer a simple pricing plan, more base channels, better football content, and an intuitive interface.

DirecTV Stream is ideal for those seeking diverse plans, more regional sports networks, exclusive channels, and additional features.

Ultimately, try both with free trials to find your preferred streaming experience

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