Where to Share YouTube Videos to Get More Views in- 2024

Where to share YouTube Videos To Get More Views
Where to Share YouTube Videos To Get More Views


YouTube has become a hugely popular platform for both viewing and creating video content.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it offers video makers an enormous potential audience.

As a creator, you may be looking for effective ways to reach more of those users and grow your channel.

Sharing your videos beyond YouTube can be a smart strategy. By posting links on websites and social platforms, you can put your work in front of new eyes.

This incoming traffic can then help boost your view count and visibility on YouTube.

The key is finding the right outlets that genuinely fit your content and allow sharing. Taking the time to spread your videos thoughtfully may pay dividends down the line.

In this article, I will show you the best places to share your YouTube videos in 2024 and how to do it right.

Increase YouTube Views in 2024: Effective Tactics

Boost YouTube Views in 2024_ Proven Strategies
Infographic on How to Boost YouTube Views in 2024: Proven Strategies


Below are a few social media sites that will increase your chances of sharing YouTube videos to get more views:


With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers an unparalleled platform for sharing content.

As a YouTube creator, you can leverage these numbers by posting your videos to your Facebook accounts.

When sharing your YouTube links on Facebook, consider crafting inviting posts through catchy titles, compelling descriptions, and visually engaging thumbnails.

Hashtags, tags, and emojis can also draw attention. You might upload a short, exciting snippet of the full video to entice viewers.

The goal is to spark interest so that Facebook users click through to watch more on your YouTube channel.

This thoughtful approach to sharing content between the platforms expands your potential as a video maker.

Drawing Facebook users to your YouTube channel can help increase your overall views and visibility.


With over 330 million active monthly users, Twitter offers another potential venue to extend the reach of your YouTube videos.

By crafting appealing tweets that share your YouTube content, you can garner more viewers.

When linking to your YouTube videos on Twitter, compose catchy posts using clear calls to action.

Hashtags, mentions, and emojis can help your message stand out in a user’s feed.

Consider uploading a short, attention-grabbing GIF or video preview along with the full YouTube link.

The goal is to pique your followers’ interest so they click through to watch more.

Leveraging Twitter to share snippets and previews allows you to funnel increased traffic to your YouTube channel.

Drawing followers from Twitter to YouTube can boost overall viewership and expand your audience.

With some creative thinking, you can turn Twitter engagement into YouTube video views.



As a visual platform with over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram offers video creators an engaging space to promote content.

By sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram, you can expand your reach and drive more views.

When posting YouTube links to Instagram, think about crafting eye-catching thumbnails and captions to capture attention.

Hashtags are also useful for discovery. You can leverage stickers, filters, and other creative effects to spice up your posts.

Consider uploading a compelling, short video snippet that teases the full YouTube video. The goal is to intrigue viewers so they click through to watch more on your channel.

Leveraging Instagram’s focus on visual media allows you to advertise your YouTube content to new potential audiences.

Drawing users from Instagram feeds and stories to your YouTube videos can intertwine the platforms’ strengths. With some innovative posting, you can turn Instagram views into YouTube traffic.


As a community platform housing over 430 million active monthly Redditors, Reddit presents unique opportunities for YouTube creators to share content.

By posting your videos to relevant subreddits and topic-specific forums ripe for niche audiences, you can expand your reach and drive more views.

When sharing YouTube links on Reddit, first identify subreddits that authentically fit your content area.

Be sure to understand and follow all posting rules and community guidelines.

Craft descriptive titles and post summaries that appeal to fellow Redditors while avoiding overt self-promotion.

Remain active in the conversation by responding to comments and feedback. Offering value as a contributor keeps the community vibrant.

Leveraging vibrant subreddits allows you to put your YouTube creations in front of more potential fans.

Drawing an engaged subreddit audience to your YouTube channel can intertwine the platforms’ strengths.

With some thoughtful participation, you can turn Reddit connections into YouTube video views.


As a question-and-answer platform with over 300 million active monthly users, Quora lends itself well to establishing expertise.

By posting engaging answers related to your YouTube videos, you can position yourself as an authority while also driving more views.

When sharing YouTube links on Quora, first identify relevant questions and discussions aligned with your content area.

Craft answers that genuinely provide value to the asker, embedding or linking your videos as helpful illustrations of your guidance.

Format your answers clearly with images, bullet points, and formatting for scannability.

Focus on useful problem-solving rather than aggressive self-promotion.

Leveraging Quora as a space for nuanced, video-supported advice allows you to highlight your credibility to more potential viewers.

By showcasing your knowledge alongside links to your YouTube channel, you can organically intertwine the platforms.

With some wise contribution of value as an expert, you can turn Quora clout into YouTube video traffic.


In 2024, numerous platforms will exist for content creators to share YouTube videos and expand their reach.

By thoughtfully leveraging sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora, you can put your videos in front of targeted new audiences.

This incoming traffic can, in turn, drive more views, subscribers, and overall visibility for your YouTube channel.

However, simply dumping links across the internet won’t lead to sustainable growth.

The key is giving value to the communities you engage in while also crafting content specifically suited to each platform.

Provide followers and groups with something meaningful, inspiring curiosity around your creations on YouTube.

If you can tap into these various sites in an authentic, non-spammy way, they offer powerful vehicles for widening your audience as a video creator.

Yet always stay focused on the quality, optimization, and uniqueness of the videos themselves—that heartfelt human touch at the core of creation.

By marrying these external promotional efforts with internal care for your craft, your YouTube channel can flourish.

I hope these tips give you a helpful starting point.

Feel free to ask any other questions, and don’t forget to subscribe for more video marketing advice down the road. Thanks for reading

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