How to start a YouTube gaming channel

How to start a YouTube gaming channel
How to start a YouTube gaming channel


If you have ever wanted to show off your gaming prowess, starting a YouTube channel is a great way to do it.

You will need a few basic supplies to get started, but it is a reasonably inexpensive project.

With an approximate valuation of $160 billion and steady expansion, the gaming sector is flourishing.

One major sector of this market is made up of YouTube gaming videos, which include walkthroughs, tutorials, and reviews.

An excellent way to showcase your gaming skills and educate a worldwide audience is by creating a YouTube channel.

Tools for creating a gaming channel on YouTube

Here are steps to start a gaming channel:

Webcam or digital camera

A video feed featuring the host’s or gamer’s face is a sign of a successful YouTube gaming channel.

Building rapport with your viewers is critical, and it’s easier to do if they can see facial expressions.

A high-quality microphone

Great voice audio will keep viewers coming back for more.

Hard-to-hear or scratchy audio distracts your audience.

Screen capture software

Most of what your audience wants to see is happening on your screen.

Screen capture software will allow you to give them a view from the player’s perspective.


An investment in lighting equipment will prevent screen glare and awkward facial shadows and make your videos look professional.

Green Screen

Unless you are operating out of a professional studio, you might want to think about getting a green screen.

A green screen allows you to project a background suitable for high-quality videos.

Appealing intro and outro

Your YouTube gaming channel should have videos with a unique intro and outro.

They’re essential to your branding and should be used consistently with little modification.

The lucrative nature of gaming-themed YouTube videos attracts lots of competition.

Be patient and consistently produce exciting content.

Your audience will gradually increase if you work with other YouTubers.


Unless you’re live streaming, you’ll want the right kind of video editing tools to help you cut unnecessary footage, mix in audio, and more. Explore everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to take your editing skills to the next level.

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