What is the combined net worth of Diana and Roma from Kids Diana Show and Kids Roma Show?

Diana and Roma Net Worth
Diana and Roma’s Net Worth


As of 2024,  Diana and Roma EN’s net worth & earnings are estimated to be around $24 million, according to 

They have achieved this impressive figure through their popular YouTube channels with 26 million subscribers, sponsorships, endorsements, and other ventures.

This article will dive into Diana and Roma EN’s net worth, net worth growth rate, how much they earn, and more.

Diana and Roma’s net worth

The sibling YouTube duo from Ukraine has certainly made a significant mark in the realm of online children’s entertainment.

As of 2024, their combined net worth is estimated to be a remarkable $24 million, largely attributed to their highly successful YouTube channels.

Diana and Roma’s net worth growth rate

Year Diana’s Net Worth Roma’s Net Worth
2024 $24 million $5 million
2023 Over $100 million Over $15 million

Diana And Roma EN’s salary, earnings, and income

The siblings, Diana and Roma EN, indeed carved out a significant niche in the children’s entertainment sector on YouTube.

Their impressive net worth of approximately $24 million as of 2024 showcases their success.

Here’s a breakdown of their financial achievements:

Monthly Earnings

Kids Diana Show

This channel not only contributes massively to their net worth but also brings in substantial monthly earnings ranging from $120,000 to $200,000.

Kids Roma Show

Although smaller in scale compared to Diana’s channel, Roma’s channel still pulls in a respectable $50,000 to $80,000 per month.

Yearly Earnings

  • Kids Diana Show: Annually, this channel generates between $1.4 million and $2.4 million.
  • Kids Roma Show: This channel earns between $600,000 and $960,000 each year.

They earn money from YouTube ads, Instagram promotions, and selling their products.

The siblings use their fame to make money through brand deals and sponsorships, becoming top influencers online.

Their work on different social media sites helps them make more money and reach more people.

Diana and Roma Source of income

Diana and Roma earn revenue through a variety of channels, each contributing to their impressive earnings.

Here’s the breakdown of how their two channels, Kids Diana Show and Kids Roma Show, generate income:

Income Generation Stream Amount Generated
Ads running on YouTube (Kids Diana Show + Kids Roma Show) Kids Diana Show: $90K to $150K a month; Kids Roma Show: $40K to $50K
YouTube Sponsorship Revenue Kids Diana Show: $2000–$15,000 per post; $60000 – $90000 per month; Kids Roma Show: $200 – $1500 per post; $600 – $4500 per month
Instagram Sponsorship Revenue (kidsdianashow and kidsromashow) $5000 – $10000 per post
Marketing products (Mini Dolls; Light Up Fairy Diana; Diana and Honey; Cupcake Cart; hairstyling toy Style Me Diana includes 10 surprises; PopStar Diana doll; Mystery Shopper with surprises; and Mashups are inclusive of Diana hairstylist/astronaut doll, superhero/princess and mermaid/party doll) $40K – $50K a month
Brand endorsements $40K – $50K a month
Sponsorships $30K – $50K a month


Diana and Roma’s Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

Roma and Diana, the beloved sibling duo on YouTube, have built a substantial following with their engaging content.

This popularity has afforded them a luxurious lifestyle. Here’s an overview of their lifestyle, assets, and spending habits:

  • Lifestyle: Benefiting from the success of their YouTube channels, Diana and Roma lead a lavish lifestyle. Their content, a mix of fun adventures and educational themes, consistently captivates their audience.
  • House: They own a plush residence in Ukraine, which doubles as both their home and a setting for many of their videos. The house is likely designed to support their video production needs while providing a comfortable living space.
  • Car Collection: The specifics of their car collection are private, but it is known that they own several high-end vehicles. These cars not only complement their lifestyle but are also occasionally featured in their videos.
  • Expenditures: The income from their YouTube channel, along with brand endorsements and sponsorships, is reinvested into producing new content, maintaining their lifestyle, and saving for the future. Their typical expenditures include costs for equipment, production, and travel related to their video shoots.

Diana and Roma EN Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Diana and Roma?

Diana and Roma are sibling YouTube stars from Ukraine who have gained popularity through their channels, ‘Kids Diana Show’ and ‘Kids Roma Show’.

They create content that includes playful adventures, educational themes, and family experiences.

What kind of content does The Kids Roma Show create?

They produce a variety of content aimed at children and families, including songs, learning videos, and fun challenges.

Their videos often feature themes like numbers, nature, colors, shapes, animals, and good habits.

How did The Kids Diana Show become famous?

They became famous through their engaging and entertaining videos on YouTube, which resonated with millions of kids and families worldwide.

Their consistent content creation and the universal appeal of their themes contributed to their popularity.

Do Diana and Roma participate in brand endorsements?

Yes, they do participate in brand endorsements and sponsorships, which include promoting products, appearing in advertisements, and collaborating with companies that align with their family-friendly brand.

Where can I watch Diana and Roma’s videos?

You can watch their videos on their YouTube channels, ‘Kids Diana Show’ and ‘Kids Roma Show’.

They also have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where they share additional content and updates.

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