Shane Dawson Annual Earnings: How Much Does the YouTuber Make Each Year?

As of 2024, Shane Lee Yaw, known online as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, actor, filmmaker, and musician with a net worth estimated to be around $15 million, according to Sky Wiki

Dawson quickly rose to YouTube fame starting at 19 in 2008, amassing over 500 million views within two years.

In this piece, we will dive into Shane Dawson’s net worth, net worth growth rate, salary and earnings, and source of income and expenditure.

Shane Dawson Net Worth
Shane Dawson’s Net Worth

Shane Dawson’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Shane Dawson, an American YouTube star, actor, musician, and comedian, has an estimated net worth of around $15 million.

Shane Dawson’s Net Worth Growth Rate

In 2020, the estimated net worth was $10 million, which saw no growth from the previous year.

By 2021, the net worth had increased to $11 million, reflecting a growth rate of 10%. In 2022, the estimated net worth rose to $11.5 million, with a growth rate of 4.5%.

The following year, 2023, it slightly increased to $12 million, marking a 4.3% growth.

By 2024, the net worth had significantly jumped to $15 million, showcasing a robust growth rate of 25%.

Shane Dawson’s Salary and Earnings

The breakdown of Shane Dawson‘s earnings and salary from the many sources that have helped him accumulate wealth is shown below:

  • YouTube Revenue: Shane Dawson earns approximately $600,000 monthly from YouTube, amounting to about $7.2 million annually.
  • Podcast Earnings: His podcast, “Shane and Friends,” generated $15,000 per episode in 2014.
  • Film and Series Development: In 2011, Dawson partnered with Sony Pictures to develop films and series.
  • Book Sales: Dawson has written two New York Times bestsellers, “I Hate Myself” and “It Gets Worse.”
  • Makeup and Clothing Line: He launched a makeup and clothing line with Jeffree Star, including the “Conspiracy” cosmetic collection, which has been highly profitable.
  • Brand Promotions and Sponsorships: Shane supplements his income through brand promotions, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Shane Dawson’s Source of Net Worth

Dawson’s net worth is indeed a reflection of his diverse income streams.

Here is the breakdown of sources of income that have contributed to his overall net worth of $15 million as of 2024:


Shane Dawson primarily earns from his YouTube channel, which boasts 19.3 million subscribers, and supplements his income as a musician, writer, and actor, as well as through his merchandise line, Shane Dawson Merch.

He also hosts the Shane Dawson Podcast.

His YouTube earnings were around $1.8 million annually until monetization was suspended in June 2020 because of controversies.

He resumed YouTube in October 2021, and as of April 2024, his main channel makes between $12 thousand and $319 thousand a year, while his secondary channel earns between $14.1K and $225.4K annually.


Brand partnerships can differ significantly in terms of value, but for a creator like Shane, these agreements can be highly profitable.


Sales from merchandise can provide a steady income, especially if the products resonate well with the audience.

Makeup Collection

Collaborations in the beauty industry, like the one with Jeffree Star, often result in high returns because of the market’s size and profitability.

Book Sales

Best-selling books can generate substantial income from sales, advances, and royalties.

Film Projects

Participation in film projects can include upfront payments and, potentially, a share of the profits.


Shane Dawson’s Expenditure

Dawson recently purchased a mansion in Denver, Colorado, valued at approximately $4 million.

He is also known for his interest in 4×4 vehicles, including a Mercedes G-Wagon and a Jeep Wrangler.

Facts About Shane Dawson

  1. YouTube Pioneer: Shane began his YouTube career in 2008, quickly gaining fame for his comedic sketches and parody videos.
  2. Documentary Success: Among his many projects, Shane’s documentary series, such as “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” stands out. These in-depth videos explore the lives and businesses of high-profile figures and have amassed millions of views.
  3. Published Author: Shane has written two books, “I Hate Myselfie” and “It Gets Worse,” both of which have landed on the New York Times bestseller list.
  4. Business Ventures: Outside of his YouTube career, Shane has expanded into merchandising, creating his clothing line, and also collaborated with Jeffree Star on a successful makeup collection called “Conspiracy.”
  5. Overcoming Challenges: Shane’s career hasn’t been without its ups and downs. After facing significant controversy and a backlash over past comments, his YouTube channels were temporarily demonetized in June 2020. He returned to YouTube in October 2021, continuing to create content for his substantial fan base.

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