How To Skip Ads On YouTube Using TV Remote

How To Skip Ads On You Tube Using A remote
How To Skip Ads On You Tube Using A remote


Have you ever powered up your TV and questioned how to utilize the TV remote to bypass YouTube ads?

Let’s delve into the various options available

YouTube Premium

Enjoy an ad-free experience with features like background play and offline downloads.

Subscription plans vary by location (individual, family, or student).

Wait a Few Seconds

In-stream ads are usually brief (15 seconds or less).

Wait for the “Skip Ad” button to appear, then click to resume content.

Use an Ad Blocker

If you are not using YouTube Premium, consider ad blockers like uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Ghostery, or Adblock Plus.

Network-Level Blocking

  • Block ads across all devices connected to your home network using network-level blocking.
  • Use a device (like a Raspberry Pi) running Pi-Hole software to serve as a DNS server and filter out ad requests before they get to your devices.
  • Set it up by obtaining a Raspberry Pi, installing Pi-Hole, and configuring your router to use Pi-Hole as the DNS server.
  • Achieve ad-blocking benefits for all devices on your network.

Smart TV Browser Extensions

  • Install ad-blocking browser extensions to effectively block advertisements while browsing the internet on smart TVs that have web browsers (such as LG Smart TVs).
  • Choose popular ad blockers like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus, ensuring compatibility with your smart TV’s web browser.

YouTube Premium

      • If your main You Tube usage is on your smart TV, think about subscribing to You Tube Premium.
      • Experience an ad-free platform with additional features such as background play and offline downloads.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium, formerly You Tube Red, is a subscription service that enhances your YouTube experience with the following features:

4 features of YouTube Premium
Infographic: 4 features of YouTube Premium
  1. Ad-Free Viewing: Enjoy You Tube videos without interruptions from annoying advertisements.
  2. Offline Downloads: Download videos to watch later, even without an internet connection—ideal for travel or limited connectivity situations.
  3. Background Play: Listen to your favorite music or podcasts on You Tube while using other apps or with a locked screen. You Tube Premium enables playing videos in the background for uninterrupted enjoyment.
  4. YouTube Music Ad-Free: Experience an ad-free environment not only on regular You Tube but also on YouTube Music. Gain access to a vast music catalog of over 100 million songs, personalized mixes, and playlists—all without ads.

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