How to Go Back 10 Seconds on YouTube: A Complete Guide

How to Go Back 10 Seconds on YouTube
How to Go Back 10 Seconds on YouTube


YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest video-sharing platform globally, hosting billions of hours of uploads daily.

Whether you enjoy tutorials, comedy, music, or live streams, there’s something for everyone. However, rewinding videos by exactly 10 seconds can be tricky without missing details.

This guide will cover handy shortcuts for fast, seamless 10-second rewinds on YouTube using keys, clicks, or double taps. Gain more control over playback while learning tips to optimize your YouTube viewing.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Rewinding and Fast Forwarding on YouTube

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the fastest ways to rewind 10 seconds on YouTube videos from a computer.

Combining keys lets you take action without a mouse, saving time and effort. To use these shortcuts, you’ll need a keyboard.

If using a mobile device or tablet, other methods still apply.

The shortcut for rewinding 10 seconds is:

  • Press J to rewind for 10 seconds, or press the left arrow key five times.
  • Press L to fast-forward 10 seconds, or press the right arrow key five times.

Tired of tediously dragging the progress bar when you want to skip around in a video? I’ve got a handy shortcut you need to know about.

In many games, you can use your number keys to instantly jump to different points in the timeline.

Press 1 to go to the start, 0 for the end, or other numbers for precise spots. For example, press 2 to seek 20% of the way or 3 for the three-minute mark.

The numbers directly correlate to percentages, so it’s very intuitive.

No more guessing times or slow scrubbing. Just tap a key, and you’re instantly where you want to be.

The next video you watch, give it a try.

I promise you’ll love how much faster it makes skipping around.

To access more keyboard shortcuts for YouTube, go to your profile picture and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can also enter SHIFT+? on your keyboard.

Mouse Clicks for Rewinding and Fast Forwarding on YouTube

Tired of mashing that backward arrow when you need to rewatch a quick scene on YouTube? I’ve got a much simpler trick using your mouse.

Unless you’re on mobile, of course, then this won’t work, but stick with me if you’ve got a computer.

All you need to do is click anywhere on the video screen with your mouse button.

Boom, it’ll instantly rewind by 10 seconds so you can catch something you missed. Much faster than hunting for that tiny arrow, right?

Give it a try next video; just point and click anywhere in the playback area.

It’s such an easy-to-hide feature that I’m still surprised more people don’t know about it. Don’t waste time navigating buttons when a quick mouse click does the job instantly.

Of course, you can also fast-forward in the same way. Just keep clicking to skip ahead in 10-second increments.

I hope this little mouse hack saves you some aggravation the next time you need to rewatch a YouTube clip.

  • Click anywhere on the left half of the video player while it is playing.
  • Click anywhere again while it is playing.
  • The video will rewind by 10 seconds.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach where you want in the video.
  • To fast-forward by 10 seconds, click anywhere on the right half of the video player while it is playing.
  • Click anywhere again while it is playing.
  • The video will fast-forward by 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the steps until you reach where you want in the video.

You can also use other buttons such as play/pause (SPACEBAR), mute/unmute (M), or stop (STOP) while using mouse clicks to go back or forward in any part of the video.

Double-Taps for Rewinding and Fast Forwarding on YouTube

To rewind by 10 seconds on YouTube using double taps, ensure your device supports touchscreens like an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad. Here’s a condensed guide:

  1. Tap the left half of the screen while playing.
  2. Tap again; the screen indicates the skipped time (+5, +10, +15, or +20).
  3. Repeat until desired.
  4. To fast forward 10 seconds, tap the right half.
  5. Tap again; the video skips forward.
  6. Repeat as needed.

Explore gestures like swiping for volume, seeking, or zooming.


Tips and Tricks for YouTube Video Playback

Now that you’ve learned how to rewind 10 seconds on YouTube using various methods, enhance your video playback experience with these useful tips:

  1. Adjust the playback speed by clicking the settings icon and selecting Playback speed. Choose from 0.25x to 2x speed, or set a custom value.
  2. Enable captions or subtitles by clicking the CC button. Customize language, font, size, color, and background in the settings icon under Subtitles/CC.
  3. Create playlists of your favorite videos by clicking the Add to button and selecting Watch Later or New Playlist. Access your playlists in the Library tab.
  4. Download YouTube videos for offline viewing by clicking the Download button below the video. Manage downloads in the Library tab under Downloads.
  5. Share videos with friends and family using the Share button. Copy the link, embed the video, or start a watch party for a more interactive experience.


YouTube is the best for finding and spreading all kinds of videos. Sometimes, though, you might want to rewind a second to catch something you missed or see that cool part again.

I’m going to show you simple ways to go back 10 seconds on YouTube quickly using your keyboard, mouse, or phone taps.

I’ll also give some tips to make enjoying YouTube even better and more useful.

Sound good? Alright, let’s jump in! First things first, there are a few quick methods to rewind 10 seconds, no problem. With your keyboard, hit the left arrow key.

For mouse users, left-click the replay button (it’s the circle arrow pointing left).

On mobile, just double-tap the left side of the screen.

Now some extras to up your YouTube game. Ever watch on a bigger screen? Use the number keys to jump backward or forward by different amounts, like 5 or 30 seconds.

And if a video has chapters, those number keys hop between ’em nice and quick too. Another pro tip: rewind a bit before liking or commenting so you get the context down pat.

I hope these fast rewinding methods and YouTube power-ups come in handy! Let me know if you ever need any other video-viewing help or tips. Later!

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