How to Get Verified on YouTube: A Complete Guide

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YouTube stands out as a preeminent and impactful platform for hosting online video content, with millions of creators, artists, brands, and public figures utilizing it to share their narratives, interests, and skills globally.

Nevertheless, given the sheer volume of channels on YouTube, establishing authenticity and credibility can be challenging.

To address this, YouTube provides a verification badge, denoted by a gray check mark or music note displayed next to a channel’s name.

This badge serves as confirmation from YouTube that the channel is the official representation of a creator, artist, brand, or public figure.

Beyond this authentication, a verification badge contributes to heightened visibility in search results, increased subscriber attraction, and access to additional features and advantages.

The process of obtaining verification on YouTube, along with its requirements, benefits, and recommended strategies

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What is YouTube verification, and why is it important?

YouTube verification is a procedure employed by YouTube to authenticate a channel’s identity and authenticity.

Distinguishing itself from account verification, a straightforward process accessible to anyone through the input of a phone number and receipt of a verification code, YouTube verification serves a more comprehensive purpose.

Account verification grants access to basic features like uploading longer videos, live streaming, and content ID claim appeals.

However, it does not confer a verification badge, which is the primary objective of YouTube verification.

This badge serves as an emblem of trust and authority, signifying to viewers and potential subscribers that the channel is genuinely authentic.

A verification badge can also help you:

  • Protect your channel from impersonation and copyright infringement
  • Increase your visibility and discoverability on YouTube and Google
  • Enhance your brand image and reputation
  • Access more advanced features and benefits, such as custom URLs, channel memberships, and merchandising
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your channel

What are the requirements and eligibility criteria for YouTube verification?

Acquiring YouTube verification poses a challenge, given the stringent requirements and eligibility criteria established by YouTube.

Before applying for verification, it is essential to meet certain prerequisites, with the primary criterion being a minimum of 100,000 subscribers on your channel.

This threshold is set by YouTube to ensure that only well-established and popular channels qualify for verification.

However, surpassing the 100,000-subscriber mark does not guarantee verification, as YouTube evaluates additional factors, including:

  1. Authenticity: Your channel must genuinely represent the claimed creator, artist, brand, or public figure. YouTube conducts thorough checks on various elements, such as your channel name, description, profile picture, banner, content, and other information, to verify your identity. Additional documentation or proof, such as a government-issued ID, a business email address, or a website, may be requested.
  2. Completeness: A public and professionally presented profile is crucial for verification. This includes having a channel banner, a comprehensive channel description, and a profile picture that accurately reflects your channel’s identity and purpose. Furthermore, your channel should contain content, and you must actively engage on YouTube. Empty, inactive, or video-lacking channels are not eligible for verification.
  3. Uniqueness: Your channel must stand out as unique and original, avoiding confusion with other channels or entities on YouTube or elsewhere. YouTube assesses the distinctiveness and recognizability of your channel name, content, and style, ensuring they are not misleading or deceptive. Channels that are generic, spammy, or violate the YouTube Community Guidelines or Terms of Service are ineligible for verification.

How do I apply for YouTube verification?

To initiate the YouTube verification process, provided you meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Tube verification application page and log in with your Google account.
  2. Choose the channel you wish to verify from the drop-down menu.
  3. Verify the accuracy and currency of your channel name and profile picture.
  4. If modifications to your channel name or profile picture are needed, click on Edit and make the necessary adjustments. Be aware that altering your channel name will result in the removal of your verification badge (if already obtained), necessitating a reapplication for verification.
  5. Proceed to the next step and complete the verification form. Required information includes your channel name, channel URL, country, and category. Additionally, you must upload a copy of a government-issued ID or an official document displaying your name and photo (e.g., passport, driver’s license, national ID card).
  6. Click on Submit and await YouTube’s review of your request. You will receive an email notification within a few weeks indicating whether your request has been approved or denied. Approval will be evident, with a verification badge appearing next to your channel name. In the event of denial, you can reapply for verification after 30 days if you believe you still meet the requirements and eligibility criteria.

What are the best practices and tips for YouTube verification?

YouTube verification is an ongoing process, and YouTube retains the authority to withdraw verification or terminate channels that breach its policies or standards.

Therefore, it is imperative to uphold and enhance your channel’s quality and performance while adhering to the recommended practices and advice for YouTube verification.

Key practices and tips include:

  1. Consistency and authenticity: Produce and upload content aligned with your channel’s identity and purpose, reflecting your unique personality and voice. Maintain authenticity and transparency with your audience, refraining from impersonation or misrepresentation of others.
  2. Originality and uniqueness: Generate original content, showcasing your creativity and talent. Avoid copying or repurposing material from other sources, and respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  3. Engagement and interactivity: Develop content that captivates and involves your audience, retaining their attention and interest. Foster interaction by responding to comments, questions, and feedback from your viewers.
  4. Professionalism and respect: Deliver content that adheres to the Tube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, demonstrating professionalism and respect. Refrain from using offensive, abusive, or hateful language or behavior, and show consideration for your viewers.


YouTube verification is a process employed by the platform to validate a channel’s identity and legitimacy.

Acquiring Tube verification results in the attainment of a verification badge, a symbol denoting trust and authority, affirming the channel’s status as the official representation of a creator, artist, brand, or public figure.

Beyond the symbolic aspect, Tube verification contributes to enhanced search result rankings, increased subscriber attraction, and access to additional features and advantages.

To secure Tube verification, a channel must amass a minimum of 100,000 subscribers and satisfy authenticity, completeness, and uniqueness requirements.

The application for verification is submitted through the Tube verification application page, necessitating subsequent review by Tube.

Attaining, Tube verification is challenging, and YouTube reserves the right to withdraw verification or terminate channels that breach its policies or standards.

Therefore, channel owners must continuously elevate their channel’s quality and performance, adhering to best practices and tips for Tube verification.

I trust this article has provided insights into the process of securing YouTube verification, and I wish you success in your YouTube endeavors.

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