How did the “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube duo, Rhett and Link, amass their $40 million net worth?

Rhett and Link Net Worth
Rhett and Link Net Worth | phoo courtesy | Business Insider


As of 2024, the popular YouTuber duo known for their show “Good Mythical Morning” have an impressive net worth of $ 40 million, according to Distractify combined 

In the USA, Rhett and Link have become popular figures following their appearances on TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Rhett and Link own Mythical Entertainment, their production company that manages various media properties, ranging from their original show “Rhett and Link to their latest project, “Good Mythical Evening.

In this article, we will dive into Rhett and Link’s net worth growth rate, salaries, earnings, source of income, and how they spend it.

Net Worth and Financial Profile

Rhett and Link’s Salary and Earnings

Frequency Amount (Ksh)
Annual 4,585,000,164.00
Monthly 382,083,347.00
Weekly 88,173,080.08
Daily 17,634,616.02


Rhett and Link’s Net Worth Growth Rate

Year Net Worth
2017 $12 million
2018 $15.5 million
2019 $18 million
2020 $20 million
2021 $30 million
2022 $30 million
2023 $34.75 million
2024 $40 million

Rhett and Link’s Source of Income

Rhett and Link have a $40 million net worth as of 2024.

They earn their income through their YouTube show and other ventures, such as:

  1. YouTube Revenue: They earn approximately $25 million annually from YouTube.
  2. Mythical Entertainment: As owners, they derive a significant but undisclosed portion of their income from this production company.
  3. Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships: The exact figures are not public, but these deals are likely a substantial source of income due to their popularity.
  4. Television and Book Authorship: Their earnings from TV and book sales vary depending on the show’s nature and book sales volumes.
  5. Comedy and Merchandising: Revenue comes from comedy albums, tours, and branded merchandise sales.
  6. Investments: Income from investments depends on the success of their ventures.

The duo’s activities contribute to a combined net worth of $40 million, reflecting their financial success across these diverse sources.

Rhett and Link’s Sponsorship and Endorsement earnings

The duo earned $30 million in 2022 from merchandise, appearances, music, and endorsements, making Forbes’ Highest-Paid YouTube Stars list.

While details of individual deals are not disclosed, their sponsorships contribute to their income due to their amassing followers on YouTube and other social media.

Rhett and Link’s Investment

The duo has a $5 million investment fund focusing on content creators and has purchased Smosh for $10 million, reflecting their commitment to the creator economy.

Rhett and Link’s car collection and Houses

The duo in “Good Mythical Morning” showcases their personalities and success through their choice of vehicles and homes.

Here’s the list:

Car Collection

  • Link drives an electric Audi E-Tron, mentioned in their “Ear Biscuits” podcast and featured in their hot dog catapult video.
  • Rhett owns a diverse set of vehicles, including a Tesla (likely a Model Y), a Toyota FJ Cruiser for off-roading, a Volvo XC90, and previously, an Acura MDX.


  • Rhett and his wife Jessie have been remodeling their eclectic Los Angeles home, which blends Regency, Boho, and Modern Spanish styles for a warm and playful interior.
  • In 2015, Rhett and Link bought homes in La Crescenta, California.

Link financed his vintage home using his YouTube earnings, while Rhett acquired his residence for $1.425 million.

They have intertwined their creative expression with their living spaces, sharing glimpses of their stylish lifestyle on social media and YouTube.

This is a testament to Rhett and Link’s net worth growth.

Rhett and Link’s Comparative Earnings from Various Ventures

Venture Estimated Earnings
YouTube Ad Revenue $25 million
Merchandise Sales $5 million
Book Sales $2 million
Live Tours $3 million

Rhett and Link’s Philanthropy

Despite their comedic antics, they’re also known for their philanthropic efforts.

They’ve used their platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes, including:

  1. Children’s hospitals
  2. Education initiatives


Fun Facts About Rhett and Link

  1. Rhett and Link were in first grade when they met and became creative partners in college at North Carolina State University.
  2. Both gained initial fame with their humorous “Red House Furniture Commercial.”
  3. They’ve released several albums and singles, often blending music with comedy.
  4. Rhett and Link hold Guinness World Records for stunts involving table tennis balls and shaving foam
  5. The duo has used their platform to support causes like children’s hospitals and educational initiatives.

Rhett and Link combine humor, creativity, and philanthropy, making them beloved figures in digital entertainment.

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