Does YouTube TV Have the NFL Network?

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If you’re a football enthusiast eager to catch live games, highlights, and NFL analyses, you might be curious about YouTube TV’s inclusion of the NFL Network.

Fear not, as the answer is a definite yes! YouTube TV not only provides access to the NFL Network but also offers additional channels and features designed specifically for the needs of NFL fans.

In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of YouTube and NFL Network, guide you on accessing NFL Network via YouTube TV, and share why it’s an excellent choice for football fans.

Brief Background of YouTube and NFL Network

YouTube, founded in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006, is a popular video-sharing platform where users can upload, watch, comment on, and share videos spanning various genres and subjects.

Additionally, YouTube introduced YouTube TV in 2017, a streaming service that competes with other providers like Hulu, Sling TV, and FuboTV.

YouTube TV offers access to more than 85 channels, including local and national networks, sports channels, news channels, and entertainment channels.

The service boasts features like unlimited cloud DVR storage, six household accounts, and the ability to stream content in 4K.

The NFL Network, established in 2003 and owned by the National Football League (NFL), is a dedicated cable and satellite channel focused on NFL-related content.

It broadcasts live NFL games, such as Thursday Night Football, exclusive preseason games, and international matchups.

In addition to live games, NFL Network features original programming like Good Morning Football, NFL Total Access, A Football Life, and NFL 360.

Moreover, NFL Network offers NFL RedZone, a channel that showcases every touchdown from all Sunday afternoon games.

Is the NFL Network on YouTube TV?

NFC Network is available on YouTube TV as part of its base package, eliminating the need for any additional payment.

By using your YouTube TV credentials, you can access the NFL Network on YouTube TV through the NFL app or website.

To enjoy NFC RedZone on YouTube TV, you must subscribe to the Sports Plus package, priced at an extra $11 per month.

This package not only includes NFL RedZone but also offers other sports channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, Fox College Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, GOLTV, MAVTV, Stadium, and TVG.


How Can I Add the NFL Network to YouTube TV?

For existing YouTube TV subscribers, simply follow these steps to include the NFC:

  • Log in to using your Google account.
  • Access Settings by clicking your profile picture (top right).
  • Navigate to Membership, then Add-ons, and check Sports Plus for purchase confirmation.
  • Now, enjoy NFC and NFC RedZone on YouTube TV.

New to YouTube TV? Begin with a free trial and add the NFC Network.

  • Visit and click on Try It Free.
  • Specify your zip code and select preferred networks.
  • Proceed with payment details, click Buy, and commence your free trial.
  • Follow the aforementioned steps to include NFL Network on YouTube TV


YouTube TV includes the National Football League and offers a range of channels and features, making it an excellent choice for football enthusiasts.

Providing live games, highlights, analysis, and original NFC content, YouTube TV also covers other sports and entertainment.

With features like unlimited cloud DVR storage, six household accounts, and 4K streaming quality, YouTube TV is user-friendly and compatible with various devices.

In my view, it stands out as one of the top live TV streaming services for NFL fans.

If you’re keen on accessing the National Football League on YouTube TV, consider signing up for a free trial and adding the Sports Plus package for a complete NFL experience.

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