How much do YouTubers make? 2024 facts and figures

YouTubers: How much do YouTubers make?
YouTubers: How much do YouTubers make?

Have you ever wondered how much a YouTuber makes per view? 

As reported by Influencer Marketing Hub, YouTubers earn approximately USD 0.018 per view, equating to around USD 18 per 1000 views.

In this article, we’ll review the average YouTube pay rate and tips for creating a successful YouTube channel.

How much do YouTubers make per view?

What factors affect YouTube revenue?

Are you curious about the cost per view that YouTubers receive? According to Credit Karma, YouTubers get paid $0.018 on average for each ad view.

The price of each ad view might range from USD 0.10 to USD 0.30.

But several variables affect how much YouTube pays, including the following:

  • The quantity of views your video gets
  • How many times does an advertisement click?
  • Ad standard
  • Blocks for ads
  • Duration of video

What is the earning potential for YouTubers per 1,000 views?

A YouTube channel could be a great side gig if you produce engaging content that attracts a large audience. It can take a lot of effort to get there, though.

Allowing advertisers to place Google AdSense ads on your channel is one way to monetize your YouTube content.

Google states that an advertiser may pay a range of fees.

According to Credit Karma, the typical payment range for each view is between USD 0.10 and $0.30, resulting in an average of USD 0.018 per ad view.

Thus, the YouTuber would get paid USD 18 on average for a video that received 1,000 ad views.

Today’s social media influencers can make a good living, with the average YouTube video earning USD 5,000 or more after one million views, according to Forbes’ projected USD 5 per 1,000 views for “top” talent.

Please keep in mind, though, that these are merely estimates, and that certain YouTubers may make more or less depending on other factors like ad quality and click-through rates.

How many views do YouTubers need to get paid?

YouTube Partner Program checklist

YouTube established the YouTube Partner Program, enabling creators to earn revenue through advertisements on their page.

To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you need to:

YouTube Partner Program checklist

You can start making money from advertisements as soon as you sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. These advertisements work on a revenue-sharing model.

Nonetheless, prerequisites must be satisfied. Usually, Google keeps 68% of the money made from AdSense ads. For example, you would receive USD 680 if a video generated USD 1,000 in AdSense income.


What other ways do YouTubers make money?

Here are some other options to supplement a YouTuber’s income
  1. Affiliate marketing: You might have seen YouTubers endorsing products or mentioning their favorite brands. This is affiliate marketing. When viewers purchase items through links in the video description, YouTubers earn a percentage.
  2. Merchandise: Many YouTubers sell branded apparel and accessories to their loyal followers, leveraging their large following to create a brand.
  3. Sponsorships: Brands are willing to pay YouTubers with a strong following to review or promote their products, leveraging their influence to boost sales.

Who are the top-paid YouTubers?

Here is the list of the highest-paid YouTubers, according to Forbes:

YouTuber Revenue
MrBeast $54 million
Jake Paul $45 million
Markiplier $38 million
Rhett and Link $30 million
Unspeakable $28.5 million
Nastya $28 million
Ryan Kaji $27 million
Dude Perfect $20 million
Logan Paul $18 million
Preston Arsement $16 million


Frequently Asked Questions About How Much a YouTuber Can?

How much can a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earn annually?

A YouTuber with 1 million subscribers who manages to engage their entire audience with a new video every week could potentially earn around USD 18,000 per week from AdSense alone. This amounts to approximately USD 936,000 annually in AdSense revenue. Additionally, channels with 1 million subscribers often have opportunities for sponsorships, endorsements, or product placements.

What is the earning potential for 1 million views on YouTube?

Monetized YouTubers typically earn an average of USD 18 for every 1,000 video ad views, as reported by Credit Karma However, only about 15% of total video views usually qualify for payment, requiring a minimum of 30 seconds of view time for the ad. Consequently, a video with advertisements and 1 million views, averaging 150,000 ad views, may yield around USD 2,700 for the YouTuber.

Is YouTube a lucrative platform for content creators?

On average, YouTubers can earn u18 for every 1,000 ad views, suggesting that YouTube can be a financially rewarding platform for content creators.

Who holds the title of the wealthiest YouTuber?

According to Forbes, Mr. Beast was the highest-paid YouTuber in 2021, amassing a staggering USD 54 million in earnings.

How much can YouTubers earn with 100,000 subscribers?

Monetized YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers could potentially earn approximately USD 1,800 per week, translating to roughly USD 93,600 annually in AdSense revenue if each subscriber watches a new video every week.

Does YouTube pay creators monthly?

Yes, YouTubers receive their earnings every month, either through mail or direct deposit. However, income from brand deals and other revenue streams may vary depending on contractual agreements.

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